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People of the public perform to be crowned bard by Queen Maeve herself!



What acts are allowed?

All acts! If you have something you can do on stage it can  be done here! Anything from Music(individual or in a group), to magic, to fight demonstrations, or doing a short skit with a mate! 

How long is each act

Amazing question! Every performer is granted at most 4 minutes to complete their act! Not all time is required to be used to perform!

What's the reward

The top three Bards gain a custom stein! The top performer(judged by a group of the queens advisors). Gets crowned by Queen Maeve as the Royal Thespian  of Vagabonds at the end of the fair!

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How do I sign up?

Amazing question my friend! All you have to do is fill out the survey to the right! It will require you to put your name(and names of additional performers if that's your case). And for you to take a video of your act! The submissions  close on July 10th! See you on stage!

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